My spouse was severely burned in a work related explosion almost 2 years ago.He was injured in North Louisiana and was airlifted from accident site to Jackson, MS the shortly flown to Augusta, GA and spent 2 weeks in burn clinic there. He received 3rd degree burns to bilateral arms, face, neck and back. He has had numerous surgeries involving debridement, skin grafts and scar excisions. He was released to go back to work at end of January of this year. Last week when we went to Dr, they stated pretty much everything had been done that they could do and the rest was just a wait and see if any feeling comes back to one of his arms and we could return to office if anything new arose. Basically the Dr was giving a full release, well the work comp nurse asked about an Impairment rating test. Our Dr said he didn't perform those. She stated in state of MS an injured worker was required to have this test done. Well heres the catch.. My husband wasn't injured in MS it was in LA.. So by law is he required to have this test done and should work comp have to offer some type of settlement?