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    Default Disagreement Between Treating Doctor and IME Over Ability to Work

    My Dr said I cant go back to work yet. IME Dr said I can go back to work. What happens now?

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    Default Re: My Doctor Said I Cant Go Back to Work Yet. IME Doctor Said I Can Go Back to Work

    The medical evidence would have to support your claim with the forms that should have been filled out by your doctor. Your doctors opinion is given more weight. There would be hearing and the judge would determine the case on the medical submitted. If you have an attorney they will be able to give you a better answer, knowing all the details.

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    Default Re: My Doctor Said I Cant Go Back to Work Yet. IME Doctor Said I Can Go Back to Work

    Your dr.s report holds more weight then there's most IME Dr's are getting payed to lie I went to 1 last year he state's on the report that yes I had failed back surgery and that I was in alot of pain and discomfort.
    but I could go back to work but only light duty. I was a G.M for a food company there was no light duty work i could do there but drive for the company boss but since im on heavy med's that make me tired and sleepy i would be crazy to even try it. But there FCE Dr told me that i would never be able to work in the field in which i was employed ever again. And the W.C.B sided with my dr and the FCE Dr. report and found me unable to work

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