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    Default Ankle Injury at Work

    I'm self employed and also work part time where I was making a delivery where I fell and broke my ankle and leg requiring surgery and repair. After 5 months was released for return to part time job. All medical was paid and I also received work comp pay from part time employer. I have loss some ankle use that will never return. Will I have to sue employer or do I have to do after where I fell and did the damage. Location where I fell has no idea that I was injured enough that I was gone from work. The day of the accident they helped me up from the ground and was throwing out salt before I left. The part time company I worked for is not going after them for anything fearing loss of business relations. Part time business has not offered any payment for loss of some use of my ankle.
    Should I expect any offer from part time employer?
    Do I need to contact a lawyer?
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