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    Default What is a Primary Hearing in a Worker's Comp Case

    What does a primary hearing mean.

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Questions

    Quote Quoting bigsim View Post
    What does a primary hearing mean.
    It means the evidence of your case will finally be presented before one of the Deputy Workers’ Compensation Commissioners and a decision will be made.
    In other words, this is the date of your arbitration hearing or trial.

    The Deputy Workers’ Compensation Commissioners base their decisions on the evidence presented at hearing in the form of exhibits and testimony, and the arguments of the attorneys both at hearing and through the post trial briefs. The Workers’ Compensation Deputies write written decisions that explain who wins the case, what benefits should be paid if the claimant wins, and the Deputy’s reasoning for their decisions.


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    Default Re: Workers Comp Questions

    Thanks a lot .

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