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    Default MMI Was Given

    I have been on wc for 1 1/2 years now . And was told that I am now mmi. I have been receiving TTD since my injury
    , my doctor says I can lift 15 lb or less with restrictions . My employer does not have lite duty and my position has been dissolved. And they cannot accommodate me. After also 30 years at the same job. At 55 years old my back is wore out. And cannot do that type of work anymore. And i take pain meds everyday. I have had 5 MRI's 6 epidurals 36 weeks of PT radio shock treatment and surgery . If my employer that I have worked for 30 years won't let me came back to work, then who in the world will hire me with restrictions.
    My question is will I continue to receive my TTD checks.

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    Does anybody know anything?

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    kneebow here,

    If you cannot collect TTD if you are mmi'ed. You may be entitled to PPD or PTD.

    If you do not have an attorney now's the time to get one asap!

    I am not from your state so the rules may be different, but I do believe you should be entitled to PPD.


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