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    Default Can You Sue Over Injuries Suffered in a Robbery at Work

    My baby sister got her first job about three months ago. She works as a cashier and today she was robbed and BEATEN UP! She was the only employee on the floor and the THREE MALE STORE MANAGERS were all together in a back room with the door closed all throughout the day. She was robbed and beaten up and none of the managers even came out of the back room while customers screamed! The store doesn't have security and it turns out that they don't even have SECURITY CAMERAS! My VERY PETITE 19 year old sister sustained injuries from being beaten up by a grown Black man and she is mentally traumatized. She is crying nonstop. They didn't give her orientation, they make her work nights, they make her work all alone and more. Can she sue the store for negligence? Can you tell me step by step how to get worker's compensation? She cannot continue working there after this!

    The one manager who did finally show himself after the robber left actually refused to let her go home! He said "I don't have anyone else to work!" but the policeman said "That's YOUR problem! She's injured, she's scared and she's going home!" Her managers and fellow employees have always been d*cks to an extreme.

    Edit: I don't know anything about this kind of situation so please don't abbreviate terms, and links will be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: My Baby Sister Was Robbed and Beaten at Work Can She Sue / Get Worker's Comp

    Kneebow here,

    You need to contact an attorney that specializes in worker comp claims. What are are injuries?

    Should should be able to get medical and psych help as well as compensation.

    First things first, get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. He/She will know how to direct you.

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    Default Re: My Baby Sister Was Robbed and Beaten at Work Can She Sue / Get Worker's Comp

    Don't waste time, consult and hire a lawyer that specializes in personal injury and worker compensation.

    Because she's a victim of a crime, she may be eligible for a civil action on top of her comp claim.
    IC 34-24-3
    Chapter 3. Treble Damages Allowed in Certain Civil Actions by Crime Victims

    Damages Pt. 7: Indiana Crime Victim’s Relief Act

    Also see:
    35-40-5-1 Right to fairness, dignity, and respect; freedom from intimidation, harassment, and abuse
    Sec. 1. A victim has the right to be:
    (1) treated with fairness, dignity, and respect; and
    (2) free from intimidation, harassment, and abuse;
    throughout the criminal justice process

    Moderator Responses are based on my personal bias, experience and research - They do not represent the views of the admin nor may be accepted in the legal community, always consult an attorney.

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    Default Re: My Baby Sister Was Robbed and Beaten at Work Can She Sue / Get Worker's Comp

    Here is another link to go along with Tony's ----

    Also look into a Victims Advocate Group.
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    Default Re: My Baby Sister Was Robbed and Beaten at Work Can She Sue / Get Worker's Comp

    Thanks for the advice and links, everyone! Kneebow, her injuries are bruises, swelling and scratches plus mental trauma. One of the craziest facts of this situation is that because my little sister was the only cashier in the entire store her line was EXTREMELY long with every customer in the store in her line. And nobody helped her. This guy actually climbed over the thing to get behind the register and beat her so anyone at all could have grabbed his legs and dragged him back. But they didn't. Nobody did anything at all. What happened to the days when all the men in the vicinity would jump a criminal and hold him for the police?

    I found an attorney and he's the best in the area - he has a 5 star rating and 19 reviews. There are only a few worker's comp attorneys and they are unrated so I'm going with the personal injury attorney and I'll ask him if he can get her worker's comp. My sister tried to get a copy of her police report when the police came to the store but the policeman refused to give it to her and he said one of the managers at the store has to go down to the police station and request it, then give her a copy. Is this true?

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    Default Re: Can You Sue Over Injuries Suffered in a Robbery at Work

    I'm in the same situation,i was wondering what happened next

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