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    Default Big Thank You - Almost Done

    Big thanks to all who contribute and help maintain and keep this site alive....and for all the personal advice given relating to my case.
    I was often times on the verge of putting an end to it all by my own hands and something a friend said kept popping in my head....yesterdays is today and youre responsible for making tomorrow what it is......I thought ya right...we depend on the IC for everything and count on our AA to babysit us.....
    Best i could do was follow drs orders and keep my mind i threw myself into fishing. Im fortunate enough to live next to one of californias major lakes. Designed my own fishing lure...hand carved painted it ..tested it...and when it sunk after 3 or 4 prototypes i kept going.....still havent figured it out...but i cant replace all the words of wisdom and expierence from here that i took up to the lake with me...forced to sit and realize its out of my control took months.
    I signed a c and r 2 weeks ago...Back still in pain and accepting an amount that will pay back some debt i going to be my own boss....with what is left after the holidays of course.
    The options between choice a and b put on the table to me were insulting...I obviously chose the c and r for the peace of mind ive been waiting just waiting on the judge to approve.
    It may have been the wrong move but i know my limit..refusing to take pain meds and alleviate pain with exercize and stretching played an integral part on my settlement decision.
    Ill LIVE with it. Knowing i can control the pain and not have to deal with the IC is a win by sure there will be times when its difficult but knowing im in charge and not an adjuster is a relief all in its own. Thanks again...especially you Tony...

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    Default Re: Big Thankyou.almost Done

    Thanks again...especially you Tony...
    You're welcome.

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    Default Re: Big Thankyou.almost Done

    Cool .. glad it worked out the way you wanted. I was taking to an attorney recently and he said more and more people are opting for a C and R. It's the frustration IW's are going through.

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    Default Re: Big Thankyou.almost Done

    Wow! I just did the exact same thing. Yes, the offer could have been more but now I can just move on from all this. You cannot put a price tag on peace of mind! I could have held out but I have finally slept at night! Congrats to you buddy!


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