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    Default Permanency Rating After Breaking an Ankle at Work

    I work for a popular pizza chain and on my day off, my manager called and asked if I would come in because someone had not shown up for work. I obliged and headed in, clocked in early after the orders started rolling in too quickly for them to let me wait the half hour before they had asked that I come in. I headed out on my very first delivery, greeted by a very rainy afternoon. Coming down the road to the delivery, I hydroplaned and completely totaled my vehicle, shattering my ankle in the process. I was taken by ambulance to ER and stayed overnight to have surgery (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) in the morning and was released the following evening. I could not return to work of course because I was completely on crutches and my company covered me with workman's compensation. I have been out of work for over two months now and just had my follow up appt with the doctor to get released to go back to work and will be returning later this week.

    I have never dealt with workman's compensation before and have never broken a bone, but when I spoke with the lady handling my claim at my company's workman's insurance place, she spoke of a "permanency rating" which she said relates to the continued weakness of the ankle, range of motion, etc and that there is a "dollar amount" attached to this. All the research I've been doing has simply just turned up a lot of information about people suing their employers (which at this time I have no plans to do since they have been incredibly helpful and very prompt about taking care of this matter) or getting a "settlement" of thousands of dollars without specifying whether they sued the workman's comp place to get it or whether that was was given due to the permanency rating and my question is more along the lines of what I should be expecting as far as the permanency rating in relation to the dollar amount. When I spoke with my doctor at the appointment, he said that while my range of motion is coming along very well that these sort of injuries do not ever fully go away and to expect to be walking with a limp for at least a few years if not more. He recommended wearing the AirCast for the next few months. I have pain when I put my foot fully on the floor and my ankle is incredibly stiff (won't be back to my regular jogs for a long time). Researching around about my injuries on the internet and hearing about other people who have had the same injury tells me that I can expect to have pain and stiffness for the rest of my life and that I probably won't ever wear high heels again (not that that is a disability at all).

    I'm not holding my breath for expecting any sort of dollar amount since I tend to have terrible luck when it comes to things like this and I work part-time at the pizza place (though it's my only job everyone is considered part time except managers), but was curious if anyone had a similar situation or knew more about it what I could expect in this situation.

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    Default Re: Curious About Permanency Rating After Breaking Ankle at Delivery Job

    what I could expect in this situation.
    Once you reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) your doctor will give you a whole person impairment rating (WPI)
    Once you receive a rating your case will be settled accordingly.
    Permanent partial disability can be paid either weekly or in a lump sum.

    Here's a good explanation of PPD in Alabama, see pg.10

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