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    Default Fired for Job Performance

    I am employed by a staffing agency. Went to work temp for manufacturing. Tore my medial meniscus at work and put on restrictions and moved to another area in building. I am being harassed by someone at the company and every day I'm counseled on something made up by this person. I feel like thay are setting up a case to fire me by discrediting my performance at work. I advised my staffing agency and they clearly have no desire to rock the boat and lose the contract with this company. I document everything in a journal but wondered if they do in fact fire me and the staffing agency let's me go will I still be able to have surgery ( which I'm currently waiting for worker comp to approve) even if I'm not employed by either?

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    Kneebow here,

    You are doing the best thing you could do right now for yourself.....keep the journal and keep it going!

    Yes they are looking for a reason to fire you.

    But most of all they are trying to get you to quit. If you quit you loose.

    I don't know the rules for your state.

    What ever you do don't let them make you quit! That would be a BIG mistake!!! Let them fire you.

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    Thanks Kneebow. I'll try to keep it together.

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