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    Default Insurance Company Doesn't Want to Follow It's Own Doctor's Recommendation

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Kansas

    Hello every body I would like to tell you how my preliminary hearing went and if any one has had anything like this happen I could use the advice. I slipped and fell back in January. was off work for 2 weeks sever pain left leg lower back neck and arms my boss paid wages paid doctor bills I filed out the work accident report at the hospital turned it in like I was supposed to the owner of company. everything was paid went back to work still had pain here and there and then in June it got bad. started having the same pains all over again but with out the neck pain and arm pain. I started noticing through out the whole time up to June both of my hands would go numb and my right arm. so I told my boss I needed to go to the doctor in June and was told that if I needed to go to the doc I could find another job so I went home that day and scheduled a appointment to see the same doctor that I had seen before little did I know that know I was terminated from employment by the way boss said I quit. called into the office numerous times to get the work comp insurance info they gave it to me I called the insurance provider they told me there never was a claim on my accident in Jan and to call my boss to get him to call insurance co. no answer for two weeks bills piling up seen for same symptoms of injury in Jan called att hired attorney. low an behold the insurance co called me and said that my boss had made a claim. they wanted to know if I needed medical treatment and if I had hired an attorney I told them I hired a attorney and they hung up on me. I took 30 days had a ime app doc requested mri lower lumber nerve conduction study EMG upper extremity's. lower lumber checked out good category two sprain 5% whole body rating temporary total disability. EMG NCS showed mild bi lateral carpal tunnel mild chronic radiculothopy C-7 so the ime doc requested that I have a mri done of the cervical spine now remember this doc was hired from the insurance co. The insurance co denied my mri. ime doc said he would not release me until cervical compression was ruled out whent to court oct 31st in regards to all benefits and cervical mri. waited until 21st November judge made his ruling ordering mri just remember all this time my symptoms are getting worse in my cervical region called ime doc several times telling him of bodily complaints. judge faxed insurance co insurance co att and my att the order no awnser from their att or insurance co until today saying the never got the order but the judge says he has confirmation all orders were sent and no appeal will be granted from insurance co due to the timeline basicly the other att did not send an appeal in time. my question is this why would the insurance co fight there own ime doc on 1 mri and now not listen to the judges orders one more thing this doc retires at the end of this month. any one had this happen to them. sorry my brain is all over the place I had x rays done in Jan and my cervical x ray showed straitening of loradic curve and minimal disc hiet c-5 c-6 c-7 do insurance companies have a team of doctors overlook your stuff and know what to fight you on I am not a doctor but I think I have disk problems and they don't want to pay for them never had any health problems until I had the work accident.

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    Default Re: I Am Lost Dont Understand Ic Companies

    Have you reported this to workers compensation? And it's best to hire an attorney that handles injured workers. Not just any lawyer one that specializes in it. Do this today do not wait you don't pay to speak with them only if and when they win your case. Most people think they can do this on their on, trust me it's not easy. The job you on has one so lawyer up. They bet on when someone gets denied they will give up. But you have rights so speak with a good attorney and fight for what's yours. Good luck & may God bless you through your battle! !!!

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