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    Default Finding Honest IME Doctors

    Why hasn't anyone replied to my question about I.M.E. Doctors in Coneecticut. I have to have one more IME Exam done for my Low Back and I just want to have one done by a doctor who is honest and isn't in the pockets of the insurance companies.

    Am i not supposed to ask a question like that?? I would think people that are on this site would have plenty of opinions on good Orthopedic Doctors to go to for a low back IME...

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    Default Re: Finding Honest IME Doctors

    Hello, I had back surgery three different times by Dr. Jay Krompinger out of Hartford/Farmington. He never rushed me back to work even though my co. was hounding him. He is very good at what he does and cares about his patients and they come first. In my opinion I believe he would provide you with a honest IME.


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    Default Re: Finding Honest IME Doctors

    I had better result from the oppositions IME doctors than the one provided to me by the Commissioners. The commission ERS doctor was supposed to be impartial but she discriminated against me. She is in Wood bridge CT. She never touched my back like she claimed she did. She not once talked about my case. The entire appointment she criticized me about my weight. The entire visit was a lecture on weight loss.

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    Default Re: Finding Honest IME Doctors

    Hello. I just read your post about finding an IME doctor who is decent. I am in Connecticut too ,and before I reached MMI I had 4 IME'S for my injuries. It's unfortunate but these doctors are on the insurance company's side. They never see your injuries for what they are. I had an IME doctor who I saw three times and all three times he agreed with my doctor. It wasn't for the back though. The good thing about WC in Connecticut is that if the IME doc disagrees with your doc then the commissioner will send you to a "commissioners exam". Hope this helps.

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