My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Connecticut

What happens when the workers compensation commissioner wants more detail from your treating neuro-surgeon on how this spine surgery with instrumentation will ease my pain and symptoms. I was injured in 2010 and have had 2 surgeries and have gone thru hell and back with the games from W/C, Respondent ,respondents attorney and doctors hired by the respondent. My doctor has disabled me , the w/c doctor said I need surgery but the likeliness this ebb my pain is doubtfull and has complications as I have 2 blood disorders that make me prone to DVT. My doctor believes the surgery will help but is complicated. I filed for SSDI but have been denied and have refiled and am awaiting another decision. I am 55 and all my work history has been with a municipal employer where I was originally injured. Like many others I am in the process of losing my home and and have exhausted all my savings and have been paying my mortgage with CC's. My doctor believes that I have possibly made my injury worse off since his original surgical intervention 16 months ago.