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    Default Workers Comp Benefits and Return to Work

    Filed injury report and notified my manager immediately (we do report online) thought I just pulled a muscle continued to work next four days as it was holiday and weekend time and saw family Dr. Monday (injury 12/31). He felt it was pulled muscle and prescribed muscle relaxer ( refused heavy pain meds due to hour drive to work, masks symptoms not curative, etc). He said it would hurt 2-3 wks so I tried to suck it up. Fast forward 3 wks couldn't walk well, get out of bed without tears or sit. Made appt with chiropractor and MD (mine). X-ray and MRI showed multiple disc issues. Called WC and asked what to do as my MD wanted to refer me out and I knew I had to be in network. She had me fill out paperwork and fax and told me to Continue with chiropractor and any care I thought I needed. 3 weeks later she finally got me in with "Gatekeeper" (i should note that with chiropractor care and a month of no work I was able to walk and move much better) stated disc issues, yes work related and light duty work (I brought MRI report). Scheduled to work next day. I worked a 9 1/2 hour day and told manager I was hurting and would try to get in with WC Dr. Worked 4 hours yesterday went to WC Dr. Office saw NP who said "you're going to be sore, what do you want". I said "I can handle sore, however I cannot stand up straight or walk/move without pain. This is how it started and I don't want to get back to that point". End of story, I go back to work Monday. WC told me to make sure I use pto time for my missed work (she did finally tell me I have a case number) and my month missed work prior won't be paid as it wasn't their Dr. Who wrote note. Nor will this even though it was their Dr. I am concerned I'm just hurting myself more. I was ordered steroid and WC finally agreed to fill it (was ordered by WC Dr) after I picked it back up from work pharmacy on 2nd day and told WC I would fill it with my own insurance. WC Dr. Stated the steroid would make me able to work.
    Am I only going to know the rules and get true help if I hire an attny?

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    Default Re: Bulging Discs I Will Try to Be Short

    I realized I may need to clarify my questions.
    1) At what point does/is wc responsible for any pay of my missed time at work? I have short term disability but they have been waiting to hear from wc.
    2) My Dr. feels I am returning to work to early and this will likely cause further injury or at the least reverse the progress made. WC Dr. Says "You won't know until you try" and when I had issues with pain and numbness NP not interested. Do I have any options? Next appt with WC is 3/2 do I just keep trying to make it through until then or will they see that as "See, you can do it". I come home and am useless with the pain.
    Does Kentucky take any consideration of the original medical cares opinion?
    The wc Dr. Truly do not seem to have "healing" on the menu and I'm trying to avoid surgery and long term issues. I am fit and healthy and would like to have a life that includes use of my back. I don't know if I'm worrying to soon, but I'm also afraid my trying to be a "good girl" is going to cause me to be hurt further and out of a job when I can't perform.

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