So, I had - had reconstructive surgery in my shoulder years ago as well as that arm. I'm curious all this works, honestly I haven't done much research on work comp in all the time I've been on it. Just let them tell me what to do and did it.

So, I had been symptom free in that arm / shoulder for like 10 years. The work I did required heavy lifting from ground level, fairly heavy, then sliding that heavy object around. I now have severe shoulder issues in that shoulder, to a point of likely having to have it replaced. How would I know if that was cumulative injury due to lifting those heavy objects over and over?

On top of that I have no ability to lift properly with any well known lifting standards, it's obvious to anyone as I have a amputation/prosthetic... So if everyone fully understood there was no way I could lift properly by any measure or standard and it was definitely well known. The fact that I was still expected to lift 80 to 100lbs from ground level and slide it around on a regular basis, which turned out causing a massive back injury, is that in any way negligent on the employers part? I mean we had conversations about how hard it was for me to do in my condition... What do you think?

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PS. Even the shoulder that hasnt been previously damaged is now damaged, not likely to need replacing but it's damaged probably from lifting so imperiously I suspect...