Hi Everyone.
I was injured at work. It took them 8 weeks to order the MRI. MRI showed a complete MCL tear. The IC Dr stated he believed I had a torn Meniscus as well. 3 months and 1 attorney (for me) later, the IC company attorney authorized the surgery. MCL was allowed to heal without any physical therapy or surgery. Removed 25% of my meniscus. 3 months of PT and my knee wasn't right. Repeat MRI, showed something wrong which was a direct result of the first surgery. Required 2nd surgery: Lateral retinacular release. 3 more months of PT and then released back to work. Oh and I forgot to mention that 2 weeks after my injury my employer downsized me. I have now been unemployed for 15 months. TDD for only 6 months and then released without restrictions. My attorney hired a dr to "rate" me...he put my knee through the tests and it is no where near healed. Ached and hurt for two days following his "tests". Curious to know a couple of things. I worked in Kansas but lived in Missouri when injured. Injured on company property in Kansas. Missouri laws don't apply, correct? 2ndly, I will never be able to go back to what I was doing. Doesn't that account for something? 3rd: My attorney says that if I entertained an offer from the insurance company and rejected it, no attorney will take my case because Kansas law limits the attorney to only 50% of what they collect above the original offer. Has anyone heard of that? Thanks!