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    Default Two Week Wait to See a Workers Comp Doctor

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: maryland..............had fridge fall on my shoulder at work friday..went to er they gave me pain meds and told me to get mri and 2 days off but called orthopedic guy and next available appt is 2 weeks away. do i go back to work and just stand there in a sling or do i wait to see dr in 2 weeks. since its a wc claim i thought i dont go back to work

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    did they do xrays? if nothing is broken, you might have to return to work. if youre hurting, tell someone. i worked for almost 5 months before taking off work. their doctor said nothing was broken what a joke 4 surgeries later im still dealing with the i/c talk to a lawyer. ususally, first visit is free

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    If its unbearable...Go to ER.....

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