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    Default PPI Settlements Under North Dakota Worker's Comp Laws

    iam under NORTH DAKOTA LAW,in 2012 I sustained a total ruptured rotator cuff, had surgery lots of trouble with therapy so I switched therapists approved by wc so about 4 months later a little improvement then my shoulder was hurting very bad again, I eneded up with another rupture in the same shoulder so they did another surgery. one muscle they didn't reconnect tendon destroyed.i do have a perminant lifting restriction no more than 20 pounds ever over wait high, I have developed arthritis in the aug of 2014 I had my MMIexam by my surgeion he did my capability assessement, on the total exam he rated me at 14% - 16% total bodyimpairment. I then asked to get my PPI eval done they denied they said I didn't deserve one I didn't qualify. I sought free legal advise the atty said the in the centry code that when a MMI is done then they are required to give me a PPI exam, so I appealed the decision and won!!!!!!!!!! I did my PPI results were just received by WC a week ago, so my big question is do I qualify for a ppi award ????does the ppi evaluater have to give me a 14% or above to get the award???? because in nd the multiplyer is 0 for a 1%-13% then at 14% its a multiplier goes to 10, so do I get any award based on these calculations???even if I get a rating below 13% from the ppi evaluater. do I qualify for something.

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    Default Re: PPI Settlements Under North Dakota Worker's Comp Laws

    Any update on your case?

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