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    Default Insurance Co. Wants a Cash Demand to Close Future Medical Benefits

    I am a 55 year old female who sustained a back injury in 2012. I have had to fight since then for everything that I have gotten from the insurance company, which has been very little. To date I have received no medical "treatment". I have been seen and poked on by 10 orthopedic surgeons and referred to a pain management doctor. The case was settled for a paltry sum, and lifetime medical. At the time of the settlement, the insurance company's attorney assured me, my attorney and the judge that I would receive my appointment with the pain management doctor. Now, 6 months later, nothing. For the past 3 months we have been trying to get before the judge about this. Now, the attorney has sent a letter asking for a demand for a cash settlement amount for all future medical benefits. How is this dollar amount calculated?

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    Default Re: Insurance Co. Wants a Cash Demand to Close Future Medical Benefits

    Are you on Mudicare now? Seems to close medical they would need an MSA - If you are on SSDI or expect to be within next 30months. The task of denying any treatment is to lower their threshold if in fact they must submit an MSA proposal to CMS for approval - Its all IC games

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