My claim originiated in California in 2002. I moved to another state in 2013. My injury flared up soon thereafter and I needed to see a WC dr. No dr in my immediate area would take me. I contacted my claims adjuster to find me a WC doc in my new state. For 1 1/2 years I called and wrote without a response from the first claims adjuster and then from the second one. Getting no help from the C.A., I flew back to CA, rented a car, and drove about 2 hours to my appmt. My dr. referred me out to a surgeon since I am needing surgery again. STILL no response from the C.A. I filed a Medical Mileage Reimbursement form with attachments, mailed it certified mail. They received it Dec. 29th and by the end of February (60 days) I still had not heard from them so I called. They scrambled. They phoned me back & forth...they made every excuse in the book why they are not going to pay the mileage. They said I did not get authorization to travel. I explained I had tried for over a year to contact them to no avail so HOW was I supposed to get that authorization. THEN she said they have a discount on travel and I should have called them. (!!!) I said I had tried but they don't answer their phones and do not return calls. They asked for my flight info. I sent it. They called and said the were sending a check for the mileage to the pharmacy but were still checking out the out-of-state travel mileage. By March 16, 2015, I still had not heard back from them on the rest of the mileage. I called and she said they are NOT going to pay me for travel from my home in my state to CA...but would pay me for the travel from the airport in CA to my dr. I told her that I do not live in CA anymore and mileage is paid from HOME to the dr and BACK. She said she was not going to argue with me and hung up.
How do I proceed from here?