My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Minnesota

Hi, I hurt myself at work a few days ago and a few months ago as well. My doctor only said to be out for 1 day.. so the other 3 days I took off were my own choice which i'm assuming i'll get no money for. My back doesn't hurt when I'm at home walking around and doing light things but as soon as I start lifting heavy things my back will hurt. I obviously need more time but the doctor like i said gave me 1 day off of work and I need to make money but also need a job where I'm not doing anything to physically demanding.

The WC insurance already said they will pay for the medical bills but If i quit to go to another job (one not so demanding on my back) will they still pay for my medical bills? I want to quit but im afraid they wont pay for the bills or prescriptions and i'll be stuck working there for another month until its paid(which I could easily hurt my back some more if I stay and I just want this thing to heal as quickly as possible)

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When I ask if they'll pay for the medical bills I just mean the one time I went to the hospital. As of now I wont need a follow up or any more prescriptions. Just would like the 1 time I went to be covered.