hello all,
I am the spouse of lostinthewoods, "expectations at home" there is no home, just a shell of what used to be a fun loving couple, working trying to obtain the American dream. (tears of flowing and I don't care any more" there are no more dreams, or happy ever after. there is no more hell I cant even think of the word, lets face it we are all adults, there is no more sex, empty bodies trying to go about some life. I work two jobs. husband worked all the time, filled in when others took vacation and hell even when others couldn't handle saint Patrick day. and now that he is hurt, all this fighting for what-- I have read so many struggling to pay bills, maintain the homes they worked so hard to have and to keep .. going on welfare. sitting in court and listening to your husband describe what is day is like, why don't they come and see what he has to do to keep the blood flowing to his hand, .. the hand is white due to lack of circulation and the opposing laywer has the gall to stare at the hand brace he wears, how much longer, I know this can go on for years and to be truthful im surprised that many have not committed suicide to get away from this mess.