My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Connecticut

I am an RN fell hurt my neck, back , shoulders, hands feb 2014. Reached MMI got a 14.5% rating. Long drawn out fight with job over comp, they've tried to get me off since June of 2014, Successfull in March of 2015. They let me come back on light duty after the injury but then made me take FMLA because manager said no more light duty in my department but they never looked anywhere else. My doc said I could work full time but with restrictions and hospital said they could not accommodate those restrictions so i stayed out on comp till March of 2015. They just fired me May 4th, said my leave of absence was over ( they put me in the leave of absence cost center when my fmla ran out and my restrictions were still on).

1) Does section 31-310 apply to me since my doc cleared me for fulltime work but my employer would not/could not give me a postition within my restictions?
2) I thought CT didn't do whole person rating. I have a multi body claim and have 20lb lifting, push, pull permanent restriction. (RN's have to be able to lift a minimum of 40lbs and my employer owns 85% of the hospitals and medical facilities in the state.)