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    Default How to Challenge L&I for Unfair Treatment

    Have you been unfairly treated, denied treatment, prolonged and exasperated treatment? How did you resolved your issues? I am new to this blog. I am looking for people and organizations who is ready to challenge the way L&I in WA. treat injured workers.

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    Default Re: How to Challenge L&I for Unfair Treatment

    I have, over the years, filed nine separate claims for injuries and occupational disease. The Dept. has initially rejected all but three of these. Three others were appealed and ordered to be allowed by the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (

    Due to anger and frustration with the administration of the Industrial Insurance Act (workers comp, R.C.W. 51) I began looking into the same thing that you ask. The constant answer is that the Dept. oversees their own and you must file any complaints with them. To argue an administration determination of the Dept. (order) you can either file a protest with the Dept. or an appeal with the Board. There seems to be no organization or group that is able to hold together as the members have been, and would be, made up of unemployed workers that cannot afford to spend time meeting to discuss their options when the answer is always to protest or appeal. I gathered information from the Dept. under the Public Disclosure Act (R.C.W. 42) showing that they had illegally miss-administered one of their programs under workers comp. for at least eight years. Turns out the Washington State Patrol did an investigation on the matter and without ever interviewing me determined that the Dept. did wrong but committed no crime (R.C.W. 51.48.270 says otherwise.).

    This blog is the best resource I have found for questions and answers for the injured worker in their plight. It is advised that you get an attorney.

    Best of Luck!


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    Default Re: How to Challenge L&I for Unfair Treatment

    I too am new to this blog. I also have been unfairly treated. I to have had to endure prolonged and exasperated treatment options only to be denied other treatments that on a 50/50 chance could work or not. This is the first place I ever found people that are talking about these issues, and the traffic seems light compared to how many people are really afflicted with this system. No organizations are out there really challenging the way L&I in WA. treats injured workers. I been on the hunt for a long time. If you find it before me, please share!

    I too wish you the best of luck!

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