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    Cool Worried About Deposition

    i'm worried about my deposition because I really don't know exactly what A deposition is what is it for is it for settlement or determine a settlement or payments because I also have a trial day a month from the deposition what does that mean? I am a C-4 C-5 break with infusion and a CSI injury!
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    I will believe that you have an Attorney to represent you in this matter as the Board typically does not allow a deposition in an Appeal where the Worker does not have experienced representation.

    The deposition lets the Attorneys question the witnesses that have been called in a location chosen between the two opposing councils. The IAJ (judge) is not present but the Attorneys must observe and follow all the rules of Court as if the IAJ were present. You will be called to testify at the later date you spoke of and the transcripts of the deposition will be turned into the IAJ for reading and determination of your Appeal relating with any further testimony given at any later date that the Appeal is continued.

    It is the hearing away from the judge to allow the witness a closer location to appear and testify for, or against you.

    Good luck in your Appeal!

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    your lawyer should coach you the day before or the day of. say yes,no or I DONT RECALL dont remember doesnt sound good. dont lie dont, offer anything to the other side if your not sure of the question or what your answer should be , ask to speak to your lawyer in private. they cant stop you from doing that. at my dep thy wanted me a look at a photo and point to a spot. my lawyer told me NO DONT DO IT. other guy asked him why. he told him if you wanted his answer you wouldhave to suppeona him to get his answer. biggest thnig is stay calm. dont MOFO the guy stay calm. answer questions the best you can itwill be ok

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