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    Default Independent Medical Exam to Determine if Surgery is Necessary

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of:NH. Confirmed dx of Bilateral Carpal tunnel Syndrome and Bilat Tendinitis (elbows) via Ortho surgeon and Neurologist EMG testing. WC has denied my surgery and I am awaiting an Independent Medical Exam from a physician chosen by the WC ins company whom will decide if my surgery is necessary. I would like any input and advice for this as I have never filed a WC claim before and I already feel as though I am being bullied and mistreated. I have contacted a Lawyer and awaiting the consultation. Please do not advise me to speak to a lawyer. I know that already,and that is why I am here looking for advice from real situations. I thank you in advance! Hope you all are doing well through the nightmare of a work injury. ugh.
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