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    Default WC Denied Surgery. Employer Retaliation Issues

    The day I told my boss of my medical evaluation that was made under WC by the facility... he flipped out on me. Yelled and screamed at me in front of customer and co workers whom can still remember this and were also upset. He stated "that's ****ing lame!" and accused me of having this injury before working there which is 0% true. He also didnt report my pain when I told him about it over a month prior... then a day before my medical evaluation I told him "my pain is much worse..i really need to go and have it checked, i'm worried now about nerve damage" he said to me and I QUOTE... "well that sucks for you since you dont have health insurance!" He was very aware that I was getting ready to be promoted per our last meeting and obtain health insurance through his business which he wanted to have me on asap. I did as well. This happened and I didnt want any part of it..esp since he was very forthright in telling me he doesnt like to and rarely hires women because they have drama... I am the only woman at my level in his company and now cannot do my job due to the injury. I never wanted any of this and I feel like I proved his point of not hiring women. ugh.. it's horrible, very upsetting but I held my cool. I did not raise my voice. I did say to him "it's not lame, i cant feel my damn hands" and "dont ever speak to me that way again.. ever." He yelled a bit more and then changed his tone... since I have been out of the loop, my hours cut and someone else has moved into my position without him even having a conversation with me about it. I was full time and this week have only 2 5 hr shifts... WC is paying me but denying my surgery. Im not sure what to do anymore. I have contacted a lawyer and awaiting a consultation so please dont advise me to to that. Im looking for real experiences with this kind of thing and advice from experts. I understand it is a very difficult thing to prove, but still value any opinions that are knowledgeable and or have experience with . Thanks so much all!
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