I hate to say it but I am in Alabama WC circus. I fell at work and injured my elbow. I have worked at my employer under light duty the entire ride and only been out a few days after surgery. Restrictions are 20Lb occasionally and 10Lb frequently to my injured arm. After many months of therapy, surgery, and more therapy I took a FCE test 2 weeks ago. I went to my treating DR and do not know anymore than when I started this. First my Dr asks me do I want to return to work FULL DUTY OR have permenant restrictions that will follow me for life. I told him I did not feel I could return to full duty because of the heavy lifting demands of my job. I was released and sent away from the office with a paper that says work restrictions Per FCE. And another paper that is the last page of my FCE results which states I cannot lift more than 20lbs with my injured arm. That's it. While I would like to know why My DR gave me the option of returning to full duty when all my paperwork has had the restrictions of 20lbs or less and My surgeon told me before the surgery I would never do My previous job after surgery. My main question is what now?
Any information you can provide me will be greatly appreciated!