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    Default FCA Indicates that Injured Worker is Not Able to Return to Original Type of Work

    Injury date was on 5/5/2014 and three doctors, two IME's, three surgeries, and a determination of being MMI I have finally had an FCE. The therapist that performed the test called it an FPA but assures that it is all the same thing. At the end of the test he told me that it could take as long as three weeks to get the results but he did assure me that he is going to put into his report that I am not able to return to the type of work that I was previously doing because he feels that with my strength restrictions that it is far too dangerous for me to perform those functions.

    After playing the nightmare games that my employer and there insurance company have been pulling I really hope that I am at the end of this process.

    Does anybody know what is or may be the next step in the process of being free from work comp?

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    Default Re: Fce/Fpa Says Not Able to Return to Original Type of Work

    If you can't return to old job they might have you go thru Vocational Rehab which is an even bigger nightmare . I'm not sure about Michigan rules and if they do Voc Rehab but if they do .... Goooood luck

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