I hurt my shoulder Sept 2013 and rota-tor cuff repair subcromial decompression with an alograph patch. After 7 or 8 visits with my therapist i was noticing sharp pain and popping in my shoulder. My doc took me off therapy and gave me around of injections. Four months went by an still was complaining about pain and popping and was begging the insurance co for a second opinion for three months and was refused several times....I was finally granted a second opinion and was seen by the doc.The doc reported back to my adjuster saying that I might still have issues with my shoulder and recommended that it be opened back up to see what the issues might be. My original surgeon requested two times with no luck with the insurance co. So I decided to get some council from a lawyer. The day I hired my attorney and my doctor call and informed me the insurance co gave the OK for second surgery.In Dec 2014 I had second procedure,I was informed that the hardware that was put in my shoulder had failed screws were backing out and sutures came loose...All was "fixed during procedure".February of 2015 I started therapy again and after three visits my therapist and i agreed that there was still popping and i was still having pain. I went back to the doc and was told to quit therapy for now and do excises at home. I asked my treating doc if he would put in a recommendation for an MRI with dye June of 2015 I had and MRI with dye and the results came back showing that my rota-tor cuff is still torn and other issues needed to be discussed. I have been trying to get in to see another specialist ever sense. So in short my two years will be up this September and my shoulder is still not fixed.I have been sent back to work twice and sent back home each time. I am looking for any advise i can get.