I am a glazier by trade and the company i work for i had previously worked for 5 years prior to moving to Az. They had called me me several months ago and asked me to come back. They even went as far as to help pay for the move. I was basically hired back as if i never left. Vaction time,increase in pay and so forth. I cantsay enough about how great they have been to me. Needless to say i was replacinga window off of a 16ft ladder. I had made sure the ladder was secure before climbingit. The window had wood stops in which i had removed but there was a brad that was stuck and had to be removed before i could remove the window. I braced myself as i used a pair of pliers to remove the brad. It was very difficult at first but then completely gave way. I lost my balance all fell 14ft and landed on my right leg. I immediately that my ankle was broken. But after xrays and a cat scan it showed my ankle was shattered along with the base of my tibula, and my fibula is broke in two different locations. After 3 surgeries one them insertining an external fixator. I have to wait for thw swelling to go down in order to have plates and screws put in to reconstruct my ankle. A workmans comp case was filed the day i went to the er.They have been great as well as has my work. But the doctor also explained to me that this may be a life changing injury and that most likely it will take over a yr to recover. I guess my biggest question is what should i expect next. My boss has already explained to me that my job will be there but what if i can no longer perform that job. The doctor also explained that even if every thing goes well there is still the chance of amputation. As i have never had this kind of injury before i am not sure what to expect nor what my rights are. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.