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    Default Injured in a Fall After an Electric Shock

    I was shocked and fell backwards off a staisr case landing on my right arn from three feet up i weigh 230 lbs . I have had cordazone shoot in my neck three in my shoulder finally after 2 years of fighting i had surgery they did a toatal rotor cup replacment on right side and then did carpool tunnel and trigger thumb. i am still having bad neck pain and and cant seem to get no help i now am noticeing muscle twiching a lot and i will be sitting and just jerk for no reasson at the first ime they said i suffer from anxiety and depression and that symptom could show up to two years latter and ordered i have a aurthogram so i followed all they directions had surgerys and everything else my life is so out of control with pain they stop pain meds and said they would not continue them i was sober for 6 years and found my self useing street drugs to deal with all this now i am trying to stay sober and i hurt and am very depressed as i think about loseing my sobriety so i had another ime as the company is trying to say im faking it they asked for a rating of disability and i noticed my claim says estamated 11,000 settlement i am so upset three years off work and relapse and i have neck pain and shoulder and arm pain thats unreal i lost my home and my relationship behind all this the bad part is i love my job what should i excpect for a settlment and can i cash a check if i recieve one and still fight for more

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    Default Re: Electrocuted and Fell Off Machine

    Repair I'm sorry

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