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    Default Workers Comp Benefits Were Cut Off After an IME

    Workers comp cut off my benefits and medical using an IME doctor that I didn't even see. How can they do this? I talked to a workers comp atty and he said they can do this in good old Michigan because that Ime doctor is a paid liar and that he can take it to trial for me but 96% of the cases loose the only thing he can do for me is get a settlement. Does this sound right? Should I consult with a different atty? Thanks

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    Default Re: IME

    id ask another lawyer. the ic will make you see their dr for the ime. the results are negative for you. but i had an ime (2nd one) it totally backfired on them my inital one the dr said my elbow wasnt broken xrays it was close to 4 months after i fell dont bones heal in 6 weeks or so? prepare for a fight i won the 1st round in court but they appealed and won 1/2 of the 2nd

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