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    Default Upcoming Hearing for Concurrent Similar Employment

    I got a hearing coming up next month in attempts to get payments from a second job which I was employed concurrently at the time of my on the job accident.I was working a part time and a fulltime job ' I was injured at my part time job which made it impossible for me to maintain my full time job.My AWW is very very low 'a little over hundred dollars per week with 3 kids and maintaining a household. My question is has anyone in this forum ever experienced a concurrent similar employment hearing or do anyone have any advise of what should I expect.Im sure the insurance company will put up a fight 'so any advise would really help me.I do have a attorney and he thinks it could go anyway because these types of hearings and judgements are very rare in georgia??

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    Default Re: Upcoming Hearing for Concurrent Similar Employment

    Your lawyer is correct, because the judgment is at the discretion of the law judge nothing is definite - it could go either way.

    In Georgia, these types of cases are decided on a case by case basis.
    In order for both employer to be used in calculating your AWW, the two job duties must be concurrent and similar.
    This means that the employee’s duties must be similar, not necessarily that the employers must be similar.

    The administrative law judge determines whether the injured worker was engaged in “concurrent similar employment” at the time of the work-related injury.

    Concurrent And Similar Employment

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