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    Default Released Employer Not Returning Phone Calls

    I was released to full duty by panel doctor but released to light duty by IME doctor I was sent to by WC .. my question is what happens if they don't call or contact me.. my benefits have stopped and I dont know if im full duty or light duty I was released full duty on 11 /13 and light duty on 11/19 .. I gave employer all information but no one has contacted me .. what should I do next??

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    Default Re: Released Employer Not Returning Phone Calls

    You mentioned in a prior post that you already have a lawyer. Your question should really be directed there. If you want to switch lawyers, then switch and ask the new lawyer. Either way, it sounds like you need to have someone representing you on this. Don't try to "go it yourself" based on what you read online anywhere. Your lawyer should contact WC and see if they will reinstate your benefits based on the IME. My guess is that they will not. In that case, your remedy is to request a hearing in front of a judge about the income benefits and also perhaps about a change of doctors.
    Charles Hamilton

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