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    Default Losing Hope.losing Faith

    I'm new here, but this is my second "battle" with Florida w/c. I have read story after story here...and here I thought it was "me". I'm sorry to all that are going through this nightmare. I truly feel your pain. My first case 5 years ago started as physical pain only, then led to an emotional meltdown when I was fired on FMLA, 2 days before Christmas 2 weeks after having a complete hysterectomy for a 8cm mass on my ovary and a history of cancer. I fought, not for money but for principal. Finally ended the battle that was killing me when they agreed to change the "termination" to "resignation". Not ever thinking my public record would follow me for 5 years...still. I'm a nurse. I chose this profession to "care for others" I treat my patients with kindness and dignity. A few months ago, a confused one began punching his roommate who couldn't speak...then turned his rage to Me. I'm 5'4 and weighed 100lb (more like 90 now) he beat me to the ground. 3 nurses couldn't get him off of me.
    Long story short I am physically and emotionally exhausted. I have 5 children and a baby grandson and I am useless to all of them. The orthopedic dr was the same one from round 1, no exam, no impairment MMI 3 minute visit. The sudden unexpected loss of my income has wreaked havoc already. I've pawned everything of value. Today I received a letter from them requesting money for the week I was "overpaid". I do have an attorney, I have waited 2 months for PT, a psych evaluation and now a hand/wrist surgical consult. The outside of the envelope I received today has their slogan stamped in red "Extending the healing ministry of Christ"
    Is this the answer to my prayers????
    Someone said they were treated like a dog, others about losing family and friends....sadly we have a common bond comp.
    Physically I honestly don't think I can tolerate any more. I try to stay strong, but every day is an effort and today...another punch. I don't know where to turn anymore so thank you to anyone that reads and/or replies. :'(

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    I wouldn't worry about the overpayment and just send it to your attorney. I would not give them anything it can be resolved when the case is resolved. I would also let them know all communication needs to be through your attorney and to no longer contact you directly.

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    Thanks for the great advice. I can't pay them anyway cause I don't have it. It is all just so disheartening

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