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    I cut off the tip of my middle finger and got just the tip of the bone last year at work. The doctor stated I was at Mmi on my last appointment in December and gave me a ppd rating of 2% whole body which ended up paying out $550 for 6 weeks for a total of $3300. Does this sound fair? I had to call workmanship comp insurance to get the rating and for them to mail out the checks, I guess they were waiting on me, because I had heard nothing from them since my last doctors visit last month.

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    ask a lawyer for the answer. each stater has it's own wheel of meat(settlement chart) to me the loss of anypart of your body should be worth a hell of a lot .the ic doesn't look at it that way. if you did get hurt at the grocery store buying veggies it would be a lot more money. the w/c world is getting harder and harder to get anything done. the injured people will be getting screwed more and more now because the ic
    s have made legislature to make it so

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    "Fair" isn't really the question. Of course, it's not fair -- part of your finger got cut off! But, is it correct under the law? Maybe.

    PPD ratings in Georgia are assigned according to the standards set in the AMA Guidelines to Permanent Impairment (5th Edition). It's a complicated book to apply accurately in many situations, but just know that you can be rated multiple ways for the same injury. For an amputated finger, the rating depends on how far up the finger the amputation actually is. Since you said it was just the tip of the bone, I assume it was somewhere between the end of your finger and first knuckle (distal interphalangeal joint). In that case, you could get up to a 9% rating to your middle finger, which the charts say is equal to a 4% rating to the hand, which is equal to a 4% rating to the upper extremity (arm), which is equal to a 2% rating to the whole person.

    So, the 2% whole person rating you were given is probably correct according to the charts, and that equals 6 weeks of PPD benefits (which is what you were paid). HOWEVER, you are entitled to get paid for the rating which gives you the highest value. A 9% rating to the middle finger is only worth 3.15 weeks, so that doesn't help you. The 4% to the hand is worth 6.4 weeks, so that would be better. The 4% to the upper extremity is worth 9 weeks, which is even better.

    So you were paid 6 weeks based on the whole body rating, but you may very likely be entitled to an additional 3 weeks of PPD (or $1,650 at your comp rate). Look at the medical note from your doctor and see if he/she "split out" the ratings as to the specific body parts like I outlined above. If they did, then you can do the calculations yourself. Most of the time, they don't though. In that case, you will probably need to ask your doctor at the next visit about doing that. I'd say something like, "Isn't the 2% Whole Person rating you gave me equal to a 4% Upper Extremity rating? If so, would you write that in your office note and give me a copy?" You can then take that to the insurer and ask for your additional 3 weeks.
    Charles Hamilton

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    Thank you for the advice and explanation Charles. I will surely check up on that.

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