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    Default Workers Comp Benefits for a Burn Injury With Scarring

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Maryland

    New to the forums, please help me out if you can.

    At work(I work at a country club as a golf cart/driving range attendant) in May 2015, I received 1st and 2nd degree burns to my leg with permanent scarring. My boss told me and my co worker to basically move a table to a different location that had a buffet tray on it(which is not in my job description). I had no idea that there was a lit sterno underneath (the things that keep the food warm) and when we went to pick the table up, the sterno can fell on the ground, basically exploded and got the wax on my pants, then caught my pants on fire. I had no idea how to put it out since apparently "stop-drop-and-roll" does not work to put it out so I ripped my pants off. My boss's (I have about 4) had no idea what to do and then took me to a person in the restaurant where I work who had some training with burns, and she did not know what to do either. I just wanted to ask if the reason I was burned is because of lack of safety from my supervisors, does that present my case in my favor? (best way I can describe that). Would I receive a larger settlement?

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Workers Comp Benefits for a Burn Injury With Scarring

    Worker Compensation is no fault, the reason for your injury is irrelevant.
    The only requirement to qualify for benefits is that you where injured during the course of employment.
    If you where under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of your injury, you may be disqualified for benefits.

    As far as a settlement, that would depend of the location of the scarring (like on your face verses your back) and the degree.
    The scarring would have to affect your future earning capacity, if the scars aren't visible - your claim would have little or no value.

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