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    Default Depression from Injury

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I have been out of work since November 29, 2013 due to a back injury at work. WC dragged their feet and I believe I have nerve damage because of how long I had to wait for sugery. I have had a fusion surgery about a year ago and I'm about to get my second surgery done in a week. This injury has ruined my life. I have been in extreme amounts of pain since it has happened and I can't stand it anymore. I'm am depressed and don't know what to do. I could see a Dr but all they do is push pills and the last thing that I want. I went to school for HVAC and I was in the middle of my apprenticeship program when I got hurt. I would of gotten my licence by now and would be making 60k a year, but I'm at the rate they stuck me at when I was injured which is nothing. I should have been able to marry my fiance by now and started my life but it seems Im stuck in a pain and depression filled limbo that makes me a burden on the people who are supporting me. I'm 32 and I can barley walk or be useful for anything other than proving gravity is real. I have been learning almost all the trades since I was little from many people in my life including my associates degree in applied sciences, degree in welding technology, and a degree in hvac/r and have the knowledge how to build, repair, improve, ect.. anything mechanical and structural from cars to homes. I have more then 30k in student loans and i can barley feed myself and all the knowledge i have aquired is useless now due to my injury. I feel so alone and useless. I can barley tie my own shoes. I'm sorry if this is long and pathetic but I don't know where to turn and was seeking knowledge from others who have gone through something like this. My lawyer seems ok but I don't understand many of the legal aspects of my case. If any one has some words of wisdom, anything will be appreciated. Thank you

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    Default Re: Depression from Injury

    This injury has ruined my life.
    That's an irrational belief, it's not based on reality.
    Life's a pretty big thing, I seriously doubt there's any one event that could ruin an entire life.

    Cognitive distortion
    Cognitive distortions are thoughts that cognitive therapists believe cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately. These thinking patterns often are said to reinforce negative thoughts or emotions.[2] Cognitive distortions tend to interfere with the way a person perceives an event

    Identifying Irrational Thoughts
    By Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D

    Problematic thought styles include:
    Catastrophizing. Seeing only the worst possible outcome in everything. For example, your child might think that because he failed his algebra test he will get an F for the semester, everyone will know he’s stupid, the teacher will hate him, you will ground him, and moreover, he’ll never get into college, and on and on. No matter what soothing words or solutions you try to apply, he’ll insist that there’s no remedy.

    i can barley feed myself and all the knowledge i have aquired is useless now due to my injury. I feel so alone and useless. I can barley tie my own shoes.
    You're overwhelmed by pain, the knowledge you've gained is yours for life, you could never lose it nor will it ever become useless.
    Look at Chris Reeves, that guy was the example of how to deal with a serious injury - he never once surrendered to his disability.

    Life is a series of events, it's never constant.
    It's the capacity to overcome the obstacles and focus on successes that will determine the quality of your life.

    Your body has a natural way of adjusting to pain and immobility, you will heal naturally in time.
    Within five years your pain will subside and you will regain some or most of your mobility.
    As long as you respect your limitations, you should be able to function and have a normal life.

    For right now, stay strong and ride this out – don't let this beat you down mentally.
    Tell your doctor about your feelings and ask for help if you are overwhelmed and can't take control alone.
    You will heal, things will get better and life will go on even though you may not realize it at this time – stay strong.

    Keep Up The fight!
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