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    Default On-The-Job Finger Injury With Partial Amputation

    I jointed the tips on my three left fingers on September of last year and the girl who has my case told me I was going to be compensated for the accident and the clinic I went to the doctor looked at my fingers and told me I lost 30% on my midle finger 10% in my index finger and just the tip of my ring finger he said it was 40% in total I was singed off more than 3 months ago and to the date I keep calling the clinic and they tell me the impairment rating is still not ready and the insurance company will have me go to another appointment and have it done again I'm confused and will like some information on what I can do about this situation thank you.

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    Default Re: I Injured My Index, Middle, and Ring Fingers

    lawyer up let him do the leg work. the ic isn't gonna do anything fast so be prepared to wait

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