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    Default Long-Term Losses for an Ankle Injury

    I tripped at work and had sprain. Treating WC Doctor hit nerve during steroid injection causing CRPS. Had ankle surgery to repair tendons 4/13/15. Healing went well. Sent to pain management and agreed with CRPS dignosis and was accepted by WC. FCE showed permanent restrictions preventing return to previous skilled level employment. Rating done but not told what it is yet. I have searched so long to try and get a guesstimate of a settlement and my lawyer, understandably so, can't really give me numbers. Anyone have any idea? I am 43. Will have to obtain additional skills to be suitable for work at my pay rate.

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    Default Re: Ankle Injury 11/4/2014

    There really isn't a way to guess. Your lawyer can't can't give you a ballpark figure because he is missing pieces of information. Since all injuries are different and with different outcomes and insurance companies and situations, no one else's settlement will equal yours. Waiting isn't easy, but you'll have to have patience until the pieces are all there to work with.

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