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    Default Employer Won't Allow Worker to Wear Shoes Ordered by His Doctor

    I had a injury to my foot and was in a boot for about 3 weeks and did physical therapy and was told by the orthopedic dr to wear tennis shoes while doing my job and if i was going to be on my feet for long periods of time. I told my employer this and nothing was said..i wore tennis shoes to work and the employer told me that these shoes were not allowed to be worn..i informed her that the dr said to and that i had appoinment with him this week and would bring in a medical note..and i over heard the managment talking that its doesnt matter if i have a dr note that they will not allow it to my question is what can i do if they go against medical note for shoes?

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    Default Re: Important

    What state are you in? Here in NC, if you had a doctor's note, that would count as a medical restriction, and in an accepted case, if they are not willing to let you work with that accommodation, they would have to pay you TTD while you sit at home in your tennis shoes. But, why are tennis shoes not allowed at work? Is it an issue of cosmetics or an issue of safety? There may be another solution to the problem--talk to the doctor about it.
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