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    Default Travel Expenses Reimbursement for an IME Appointment

    I had my IME appointment a month ago. It was nearly 400 miles away. I requested travel expenses to be reimbursed, as I received a letter stating that I would be reimbursed 57.5 cents per mile, plus lodging and food. I have not heard anything from my "claims examiner." I am wondering how long it takes to receive the reimbursement and if anyone else has had any problems. On a side note, my claim was denied. Since I was denied, does that mean I will not be reimbursed travel expenses? My claim was denied because my torn ligament was due to "old age" rather than work-related. (I'm only 36 years old, and all I do is work at a fabric store. I don't think my "old age" has anything to do with the ligament.

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    Default Re: IME Appointment Travel Expenses Reimbursement

    ask your lawyer for advice. I'm sure if you send in paid receipts for lodging and meals with mileage attached you'll get your money. maybe not this year you claim was denied because the ic can do that to you. its up to you and your lawyer to prove your injury is legit. as for the IME don't expect a favorable outcome. the doctor WORKS for the I/c if he writes a report in your favor , chances are he wont get much work from them in the future.

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