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    Default Workers Comp Stopped Paying for Treatments Due to a New IME Report

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Wisconsin.
    Inhaled a toxic gas 20 yrs ago and have lung issues from the injury. My case settled without a hearing 8yrs ago and I am PD. IC was paying for multiple injuries as the medication for my lungs caused me to become diabetic, have a fast heart rate, cataracts, and avascular necrosis in my bones.
    The IC started switching reps on my case every few months which caused problems because each new rep would delay paying my bills and deny medical services. Then, they set up an IME and the report was on the insurance side. The doctor did a quick medical record review and picked things that made me look like I ran to the doctor for everything. The IC, then denied almost all of my medical. How can a doctor who is not treating you have so much clout?

    Now, I have to have a hearing on this and hire a patient advocate to help me. I have had a lawyer for 20 yrs but am fighting for medical benefits, not money as I am receiving PD benefits. My lawyer will not be able to work for free and there is no money for him to receive as my case is settled. I may have to represent myself at the hearing. What is going on?
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