Yesterday, I had my doctor's appointment and she didn't give me my filled out form for modified duty and no release. I've been on a leave of absence from my job and I may get terminated due to the fact that it was never faxed. She said the last time I came she forgot who the paperwork was for in regards to the modified duty and for the note I am to come back in about a week. The thing is I told the HR director of my job that I was going to get the medical release to her yesterday and had to explain to her why I'm empty handed. She was concerned since a few days ago she received and e-mail from the corporate office that I may be terminated for lack of said release. I picked up my prescriptions and was so depressed, I fell asleep and didn't even wake up until this morning.

I decided to call the corporate office and explained everything after looking at a letter saying that I don't qualify for FMLA leave, but still on a leave of absence. It said nothing about my possible termination. I told the representative everything that has happened and she confirmed I am still on a leave of absence and said that I need to get all that information faxed to the company as soon as possible. I asked her if I can use a clinic for the letter and she said it should be okay. I'm not sure if I'm improving or not and at this point I'm starting not to care as I am the only one working. I live with my mother and brother and the city I live is doesn't have many jobs available. I will be referred for physical therapy soon, but being at home impotent from the helplessness is not good for me. I am covering my ass as best I can, but can only do so much. Any advice is appreciated.