Back story, I have a right pilon fracture which I sustained falling from a 16ft ladder. Have had 5 surgeries so far, including the last one 5/5/16, which was the removal of hardware due to broken screws from physical therapy. I had a CT scan done in April which showed 85-90% non union and mal union. So the insurance approved the first surgery, the removal of the hardware. After my followup my doctor sent in the request to replate, bone graph, and total ankle replacement. This was denied, they stated I was not old enough to support a Ankle replacement and that an Ankle fusion would have a higher rate of success. So my doctor sent a request for replating, bone graph, and ankle fusion. Now this was denied with them stating that they do not have enough information to support the fact that I need an ankle fusion. But it was what they recommended over the ankle replacement. Waiting to receive the denial letter before I contact my attorney. But this is getting very frustrating.