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    Angry Had Impartial Physician Exam by Wrong Type

    So, my case is in Massachusetts. I was injured in 2014 and have been battling the insurance company this whole time. A half ton of equipment came down on my leg and luckily I didn't lose it however, due to the blocking by the insurance and delay in getting medical help the injury healed over and there is nothing my orthopedic could do anymore so he sent me to a neurologist. I have been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
    During conference the insurance attorney expressed what a Straight shooter his IME was (that I had gone to at the time) and that I was a fake, phony and a fraud and NOT injured. Well, the treating neurologist says otherwise. I won the conference. Now here I am 6 months later about to go to hearing (after having my 2nd nerve block) and I get a call from my lawyer telling me my case does not look good because IPE says I am fine to work!
    My question is WHY would the judge send me to an ORTHO IPE when my disability is NEURO?? I really hope someone on here has been through this because my experience with Worker's Comp Attorney's has been a COMPLETE JOKE.

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    Default Re: Had Impartial Physician Exam by Wrong Type

    That doesn't make sense why they do this. It sounds like a very common story you hear from people. I've been through the same process. I've been to 4 separate IME doctors, 2orthopedic 1 neurosurgeon and 1 phycologist. All of the doctors,even the judges pick for his IME wrote in my report that I am permanently disabled.
    I had multi level spinal fusion surgery which is clearly a neurosurgeon, so why did I have to go to the orthopedic doctors?
    With all those reports in my records I still have not been able to collect any money or medical for 22 months so far.

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