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    Default From Hawaii Moving to Nevada with Workers Comp Case

    Question Hawaii Worker Comp Case but Will Move to Different State

    Hi, i am injured in line of work and receive a workers comp benefits for almost 1 yr now and now dealing with worker compensation case, now the problem is my family have move to different state (Las Vegas). I had talk to my atorney and said to find a doctor there but from what i heared is that its hard to find one that will accept hawaii medical fee schedule, Now i dont know if im going to move with them or stay here in Hawaii,

    Thank you, any advise or information is great!

    And if anyone knows a doctor in Las Vegas, Please let me know, thanks again!


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    Default Re: From Hawaii Moving to Nevada with Workers Comp Case

    It's never wise to move while you have an open claim, you're asking for problems.
    Contact the carrier and ask for a list of doctors in the Vegas area that will accept claims from Hawaii, it may be a lost cause.

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