I was injured in Nevada working as a police officer moved out of state because I was injured in 1994 so I do not get any cost of living raises they use coventry insurance they sent me a list of doctors that alledgedly takes coventry out of 200 doctors in the state I now live many would not take coventry because the doctors had to hire someone just to bill coventry coventry would not pay the contracted amount to doctors, and some times it would take six months to collect one months bill others on their LIST only worked at hospitals and did not see patients that were not in the hospital, some had lost their licenses this LIST is a joke even though my prescriptions have not changed for almost two decades, where I live now if you live more than 40 miles one way from these doctors they will not write narcotic prescriptions, I have found doctors that will accept Nevada fee schedule but will not deal with coventry because coventry does not pay the bills. one of their approved doctors said I need the prescriptions and if I abruptly stop taking them I would probably die coventry states they approve non contract doctors often but employers will not reimburse my prescriptions. I won at the hearing level but employers has appealed I now have a heart condition that cardiologists say is directly related to me not being able to be active or excerise I am at wits end and even though the naiw will take my case at appeal I need a super good lawyer in Las Vegas employers insurance is so corrupt It hurts to try and read any of their B S Thanks for listening I have not lived in Nevada for 20 years so I do not know any good attorneys that are still practicing thanks for listening to my rant when employers has to answer the devils questions some day and they cry oh God why am I here in hell the answer will be you earned it I have spent everything I have on my prescription drugs and now what do I do