My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: NE

The nurse case Mngr was "treating" me, on Monday less than a half dozen occasions.
I do know the 1st date (forced to this office 7/12, paperwork to fire my atty was accepted by court on 9/13.)
NOT ONCE was I informed that I was being treated by Satan.

I only found out when I started having major issues with that office, and the only decent employee gave me her info.
Then I knew.

Would medical records show that I did NOT see the doctor, but Satan?
If was during that 14-16 mo period, then I have a suit (it was a zero contact order in place, while atty was on record.

Also, is there anything I can do legally in Nebraska about this egregious breach of trust, and lying?

I'm so sick over things I find out last week, after 2 days reading state statutes and case law.
I can't even get a darn atty now, as the money is a pittance (I'm owed 45% of my income, for life, and 1/3, even with 4 years back dating isn't worth even a consult I guess.
(contacted my fmr atty, asked questions, and if they would represent me. Very nasty email saying no way, and I plan on taking then to court for malpractice now (withheld vital information from me, plus corerced me into the temp disability settlement of Hf of what should have been)

Oh, I had stated on MANY occasions that I did not want to so much as seethe NCM in waiting room.
From poking around, I did learn I had every right of rufsal for her being in the room with doc, yet fund no precedent of a NCM TREATING the WC victim, without doctor ever present, let alone the non-disclosure that she did not work there, but for WC Ins company.

So any guidance would be very helpful, especially before 9/12 and 9/13