I hope this is broadcasting to someone out there who knows how I feel . . . couldn't help but notice some of the boards seem like ghost towns. I'm guessing a lot of that is due to people's fears about the confidentiality of their cases. Without revealing too much I got herniated discs at my job which was, and remains, dangerously short staffed. After it happened I wasn't able to stand more than an hour without my back killing me, and my posture so awkward I hunch over like an ape when I've been on my feet any length of time. I dont know how I'm supposed to continue working like that. I texted 2 members of admin when it first happened but they did not respond until hours later when my shift ended. I was given a WC slip and went to a local rinky-dink hospital ER that doesn't have the best reputation. They did a CT scan and diagnosed the herniated discs. When it didn't get better in a few days I respectfully asked admin if the WC would pay for a follow up visit. They gave me another WC slip and I went to a doc. She gave me a couple of anti-inflammatory shots, ordered me 5 days off and ordered PT, saying I needed it to heal properly. I asked admin via text if WC would cover this PT and she responded 'Yes." However, they are not. A WC claims adjuster who was less than friendly gave me a call and said she would review my doctor's notes and let me know if they decided to pay for my PT. No return call, so that answers that. I went to an old family doc in my former home town on my own dime without telling anyone and he said he believed it was awfully negligent of the ER to not do an MRI, especially given that one of my symptoms besides pain was numbness in legs. He checked my reflexes and stated they are not what they should be so now I'm definitely getting an MRI in a couple of days per his order. Meanwhile I have to go back to work tonight. I feel like work friends are treating me differently. I have said nary a word to anyone at work about it except that it still hurts when I stand more than an hour and they all can see how my posture is affected. The 2 employees who were there the night it happened have been very sympathetic. But of course everyone is cranky that my absence has had to be covered. Admin tried to make me sign a disciplinary saying that the injury was all my fault because I "lifted improperly". I refused to sign it because that is NOT what happened. I wrote my version of what happened on it and left it for her in her work mailbox and kept a copy of it for myself.

So, finally I packaged up my copies of everything and sent them to a WC lawyer whom I talked to on the phone. In my 20 year work career I have never had a WC claim at any place or at any time but this time I feel they are liable, and I am angry that they do not want to take my injury seriously. (I could share more about how the short staffing contributed to my injury but am afraid to reveal much because you never know who could be trolling).

I have 3 very close friends who don't live around here whom I communicate with via internet on a semi-daily basis and when I mentioned to them that I had finally given up and decided to consult a lawyer who works on contingency only it was like their attitude towards me cooled considerably. A couple of them have tried to talk me out of it, and I feel like they are implying it is my employers' and the WC's right to treat me this way and that I should just take it. I have a good 15-20 years to go before I can retire and don't see how I can work like this. My feelings are hurt that my 3 best friends are not more supportive, and I sure don't dare communicate with anyone around here about it. I feel so alone. Can anyone relate?

I certainly don't "hope" that my MRI results in a couple of days are bad but if they are, I'm going to ask the doc that I'm seeing on my own if I qualify for temporary disability and I may explore whether I can afford the PT on my own with my health insurance. Meanwhile the lawyer said it could take up to 2 months to get everything he needs from various past doctors, etc.

I wouldn't propose to ask anybody on here if I'm doing the right thing, but just wondered can anybody relate to how I'm feeling? Did anyone here feel like people's attitudes toward you got cold when you were only trying to get what you felt entitled to from the WC insurance? And btw I had to use my own sick pay when the doc put me out. Does WC insurance not normally cover this? Just asking because as I said, I have no experience with any type of WC.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any input or encouragement anyone can provide.